Monday, May 16, 2011

Cover Crazy Monday {10}

Cover Crazy is a weekly meme that was created by Tawni over at The Book Worms to show which cover(s) you are absolutely going crazy over!

This week I can't get my eyes off this book, Wither by Lauren De Stefano.

What I love:

I am assuming that the girl in the cover is the main character, Jessa.  I love the background.  I haven't been to Italy yet (let alone outside the country!) and I have always dreamed to go there someday.  Jessa looks so hopeful in the picture as she gazes through the Italian buildings.  She looks so happy, liberated even.  That's the reason why I fell in love with this cover!  It's simple yet full of wonderful meanings and possibilities.
What about you?  Which book covers are you lusting over?
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Alex @ The Blethering Bookworm

This is a very pretty cover. She looks like it could be pouring down with rain and she wouldn't care. Makes me feel happy just looking at it.

I like that her coat is the only real colour on the cover too. Makes her stand out as more vibrant and filled with life.

Lovely cover. :)

Jill of The O.W.L.

I love that cover too! I saw a behind the scenes post about the making of it. Super cool!


I love her stance too, it does make it look like she is open to many different possibilities. And I really want to go to Italy!

Laura (All of Everything)

The title doesn't seem as happy as the girl is! But I love how she's standing, like in the midst of spinning to take in all the sights.

A Backwards Story

I love the way she looks and the atmosphere of this cover. I also like the way the colors all come together. Very breezy and contemporary!

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