Friday, April 01, 2011

TGIF! {3}

TGIF is a Friday feature hosted by Ginger at GReads!to recap the week on your blog and to answer a fun question.

This week's question is:
Characters We Love: Which male and/or female characters have you been most connected to?

Hmmm... this is kinda tough for me!  Anyhow, maybe at this point, the characters which I can really connect with the most  would be the following:

1.  Lena Haloway of Delirium - uhm, need I say more?  That's Lena, you people!  I just got finished with the novel (I'll write a review about it) and I literally cried throughout the last chapter of the book.  I just felt her.  I connected with her right from the get-go.  From the moment she saw Alex, to the time she fell in love, to the feeling of confusion she had, it's as if I was the one who experienced them all.  I really felt her pain of losing someone, of being lied to, of trying to escape.

2.  Harry Potter of Harry Potter Series - for me, he is like the ULTIMATE YA fantasy character!  I totally connected with him.  It's as if I watched him grow up.  I cried when he cried and I laughed when he laughed.  I definitely understood him and felt myself being pulled into his extraordinary world of magic.

What about you?  Who are the characters you connected with?

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Jen the bibliophile

I really liked Delirium, but I had a hard time with Lena at first. Although, by the end, I really did love her. My favorite part of the whole book though was when Alex and her were at his house (trailer?) and he recites the poetry *sigh*. Loved it! Great picks!

In the Closet With a Bibliophile

Mad Scientist

I also enjoyed Delirium. The quick falling in love was very much over looked.

@Jen, the poetry is enough to make an lady of quality melt!

Great choices for this weeks question.

Mad Scientist

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