Friday, April 29, 2011

TGIF! {7}

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This week's question is:

Stand Alone vs. Series: 
What's your stance?

Hmmm... This is a tough question!  For me, it really depends. There are those books which I want to just continue reading book after book after book without getting tired of losing myself in the story; and there are those books which just wouldn't feel right if it's prolonged further.  I like series novels because you can get to know every character and the premise is really being delved into more and multiple sub-plots can sprout anytime.  I also love cliffhangers and the thrill of getting and reading its sequel.

With this being said, although I adore book series, the wait for the next sequel is just too much for me.  I mean, I have to wait for another year (if I'm lucky) to read the next book.  Take the Inheritance series by Christopher Paolini as an example.  The third book was published like 3 years ago (September 28th 2008 to be exact) and yet the final book, Inheritance, will only be released this year.  Talk about a three year gap there.  Honestly as much as I want to read the much awaited conclusion to the series, I cannot even remember every detail of the first three books and is now deliberating if I have to re-read them in time for the release of book four.  Another book is My Name Is Memory by Ann Brashares.  I adored the book!  It definitely gave me the cliffhanger that I have always been craving for.  But, lo and behold, there is no definite news yet as to when the second book will be published.  That, by itself, just ruined the series for me.  Well, for now at least, but I bet once I heard a news about the second book, my excitement will be ever present again!

With stand alone novels, I get to the end of the story after finishing the book.  I don't need to wait for a series of books to come out for it to be finally concluded.  But since I am a very fast reader, on several occasions, I felt that i was robbed short of a story.  There are moments wherein I wanted to know more about the characters, to get a chance to see how the story will still develop.

I know I definitely blabbered here.  LOL!

Bottom line is that although I've experienced some challenges with some book series, at the end of the day, I'll still look at by bookshelf and see several book series in there.  Let my bookshelf be the judge of this question... for now. :)

What about you?  What do you prefer?

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You have such great points. You found the pro and con. I focused on only the con of not having a series of books. I feel like I'm continuing my favorite shows LOL I love to see how people feel on this! Your post was fantastic!

Rie Conley

I hate reading series when the release date is spread out and you read so many books in the middle, so I usually start series after two or three books are already released.

Now, that I'm mainly reading ARC's this is difficult and I'll probably have to read them again.

Great discussion!


I blabbered too :) I love a good series, but I am too impatient to wait! Just doesn't seem fair! Great blog!


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