Friday, April 08, 2011

TGIF! {4}

TGIF is a Friday feature hosted by Ginger at GReads! to recap the week on your blog and to answer a fun question.

This week's question is:

Book Tears:
Do you get emotional when you read? 
Which books had you in tears?

Omigosh!  I cannot even recall how many books had me in tears.  I can name a few though... A Walk to Remember by Nicholas Sparks really made me cry with all the emotions it inflicted on me.  Gosh, I started crying mid-part of the book!  The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks too... It definitely torn me apart!  City of Glass by Cassandra Claire... when the youngest brother of Isabelle was murdered AND towards the last chapters of the book wherein, all of us thought that it was the end of Jace.  Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince by J.K. Rowling also made me cry when Dumbledore was killed.  The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins is a book that I cannot ignore, especially the part when Katniss volunteered to join the Games instead of her sister, Prim... and who can forget the vivid retelling of "the boy with bread," I know I  didn't!  Delirium by Lauren Oliver was a heart-wrenching book and it definitely made me cry so hard.  Oh, and of course, Before I Fall, also by Lauren Oliver.  The ending just shook me!  Up until now, I still cannot believe how it all ended.

These are just some of book which I cried over and created a huge impact on me emotionally.  I certainly love novels which can do that... novels which have characters you can definitely connect with... novels which you can think about over and over again AND read over and over again and yet can still bring out that very raw emotion.

What about you?  Which books had you in tears?

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Ginger @ GReads!

I agree, I love it when I can re-read a book & still get the same emotions (if not new ones!) from it. Aren't books awesome that way?!

TGIF & Happy Reading!


There is nothing better than a good book that affects you so much that you become emotionally spent. I am with you, The Notebook was one that I loved. Although my latest emotional fixes are by Gayle Forman. If I Stay and Where She Went are two books that have become my favorite love story.

Jamie Manning

Delirium is on my list this week...loved it! Haven't read Before I Fall but I have to. Excellent choices (A Walk to Remember--loved the movie!)

Liz Tea

Lol, I'm the same way! I still cry every time I've re-read the last Harry Potter book. And I've re-read it 4+ times now. (Shh - I'm a big HP nerd. :-P)


Nicholas Sparks's books are the worst! I cried through a couple of them, and got teary eyed throughout all the others!

Your blog is so cute, now following you :)

The Book Bell

Nicholas Sparks always seems to make me cry! The Notebook and Walk to Remember were really tough ones not to cry while reading! And Nights in Rodanthe!
Thanks for stopping by the blog
Happy Reading
Blakeley :-)

as always ♥ Carol

Gosh I'd forgotten about Nicholas Sparks I kept thinking there was some one else lol He always makes me cry. I actually haven't read Delirium, or the Hunger Games, or Before I Fall that's sad I know lol. I thought of putting City of glass but in then end I didn't add it to the list =p. anyways thanks for stopping by the blog, new followers are always welcome and appreciated.

as always ♥, Carol

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